This section contains factual data on each of the persons identified starting with Anton and Catherine Nagorski and those who are descendants of this couple as well as persons who married into this family.

The Level system was developed in order to provide a suitable means for continuing to add new data as time goes by. It also permits development and inclusion of spousal information as far back as possible to determine. The familiar Family Tree concept looks interesting but it is too limiting in what can be included and by the third generation, space to add names and other bits of data becomes hard to find.

It is worthy of note that when some in-depth research was done in Town Records and on Tombstones, it was found that names, spellings and dates didn't always agree with accepted usage. This condition applies mostly to people data at Levels I, II, and III. The differences, however, are deemed to be of little consequence at this point in time.

Before proceeding to become more fully acquainted with family members identified in the following pages, it is interesting to point out in what ways this family has evolved. It would appear that on balance, there have been many more positives than negatives. To date, while we have had no...

We do have or have had...

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