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Our roots, beyond a hundred years ago, are almost totally obscure because of the passage of time and the absence of any written information that would reveal important knowledge. Grodno, the family town of origin, is now located in a newly created country named Belarus. We have little evidence of what took place before Anton Nagorski and his family arrived at Ellis Island, New York in May 1892. Perhaps in time to come, some members of the family will travel to Europe and uncover new facts about the family prior to that wonderful month in the late nineteenth century.














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         Milton Narrating 1940 home movies Part A

         Milton Narrating 1940 home movies Part B


From the Family line that extends from Anton Nagorski &

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We express our sincere appreciation to Homer for his efforts in initiating this family genealogy project in the mid-1980s and acting as team leader during the first phase of research and document collection, a process I would hope will continue with future generations.



     Thanks Homer!!



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